Barcelona was our gateway into Europe. The flights from the USA were extremely inexpensive and it was a beautiful city to begin our journey!


Italy is an aged country where memories are treasured rather than discarded and replaced. There are many hidden treasures to be unwrapped in this place!


While in Paris we were able to catch trains, buses, and trams to go anywhere in the city to explore with a single transit pass!


Africa is much more than we had been led to believe. It's a beautiful and complex continent that is a must see!


Amsterdam is a wonderfully liberal city that eludes discrimination against commercial shagging and cannabis use.


The complexity of structures reminded us of an immense accented version of New York City.


I have always wanted to visit this desert state and we are finally here. I have lots of beautiful photos so stay tuned.


We are from this great state so we have many places to show. So stick around and I will give you a grand tour. 


New York is a fascinating and fun place. We visited many of the surrounding areas and we have pictures to show. 

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