Dar es Salaam

We traveled by ferry to Dar es Salaam and stayed for a few days. The ferry boat was a large vessel that held approximately three hundred people and cost $35 per person each way. The journey was about two hours long and there were a few natives and tourists who had become seasick from the rough and bumpy journey.


The ferry staff regularly distributes wet bags which are put to good use, however, an Asian tourist missed her sick bag and hit a native in the neck. After that event, the entire row of passengers beside her became displaced from the newly hydrated seating. They were all good natured about the incident since most were also clinging to seasick bags. 

Once in Dar, we called an Uber which is a great mode of transport and costs less than a cup of US coffee to travel to our hotel. Dar es Salaam is a city with skyscrapers and modern technologies, however, our trip was short so we visited the Dar National Museum and the Makumbusho Village where visitors participated in the reenactment of tribal life and danced to drum beats.

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