Although Venice is a popular tourist destination, many people do not know that there are islands behind Venice. If you take a ferry ride to the most colorful place in Italy you will not regret it. We took a ferry to Murano and Burano, which is the only way to travel to these islands. The ferry cost us €20 per person for a twenty-four hour ticket. The islands were the perfect place to extend our visit to Venice and relax while the ferry moved us through the waterways.


When we arrived at the dock we immediately realized that Burano is a peculiar place with small colorful houses. It is an inhabited island though we never saw any of the occupants of the homes. All day long, tourists walk around the island taking pictures of the petite homes while moving through the yards and walkways. 


We felt it was not far fetched to think, at any moment, an annoyed elf was going to pop out of a doorway of a colorful home with a magic spell for trespassing inconsiderate tourists. Okay, maybe it is just a little far fetched 🙄, however, you may feel a bit like there is a gnome or two around somewhere on the island.

The ferries run all day long and it is possible to hop on at any point heading back to Venice or another of the small islands. While on Burano, though, it is nice to walk around the island, view the cute colorful homes, have lunch in a restaurant or purchase a trinket or two.

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