We took a flight from Paris to Rome before realizing that we could have taken a train, and if we had planned it correctly we would have saved a few euros. We have learned to be a bit more savvy about how to move about in Europe for our next visit. This time we were able to secure an apartment for one month which cost 800 euro. The apartment building we stayed in was located in the Trastevere area which is a well known and happening place for Rome.


The buildings in Rome are antiquated yet lovely and distinguished. We found out that Rome, and most of Europe, maintains outdated fire codes. The apartment that we rented for one month did not have fire exits like those in the United States.The owner of the unit seemed dumbfound when we asked about a fire escape. So beware of this type of safety predicament when planning a trip to Europe. 

While visiting Rome we also took a train to Venice, Naples and a ferry to Sardinia. In Rome a large canal flows through parts of the city though it is not navigable by boats due to the large drop off points, as you can see in the first photo. During the summer months restaurants and retailers shape the canal with large tents that house their businesses and offer their goods to the public. Throngs of people walk along these banks browsing, shopping and dining.

When we ventured to find the infamous Colosseum we did not expect for it to be right in the center of the city and across the street from the Metro train station. My imagination had led me to believe that we would board a shuttle bus heading hours away to an ancient part of Rome where all of the ruins of old are located. Nope, in the heart of city is where we found this favored infamous monument and we soon learned that all of Rome is full with aged buildings. There are very few things in Italy that have been made new and improved, but it is all so very beautiful for that. 

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