We enjoyed our stay in Tempe, Arizona for a few months. Arizona is surprisingly a great place to call home as it was not as hot as we had imagined it to be. In fact, the temperatures reach up to 106 degrees only 3 to 4 months of the year during June thru August. The remaining months are quite manageable and the cost of living is feasible as well. 

It was a beautiful state and for the most part it was clean, with much less traffic congestion than California and it stayed warm in the lower elevations during the winter months. There also are no known natural catastrophic phenomenon occurring in the entire state such as earthquake, tornado and the like.    

In the photographs are scenes of the Tempe Beach Park which is adjacent to Neil G. Giuliano Park and around the corner from Arizona State University. Since this is a college town there is always in an influx of newness and activity. It is also easy to find students zipping around on scooters rented from any corner throughout the city. The plants and flowers are an amazing site that grow naturally here.  For all of these reasons we enjoyed Arizona.

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