In Sedona there are some of the most amazing hikes that are easy to strenuous in ability. We came to this area to visit and we are having difficulty leaving. Not only is it beautiful, it is also peaceful and many people come here for healing. The red rocks may possess a soothing prowess that effectuates feelings of health, love and spiritual wholeness. 

Although, I have not seen it, there is a city ordinance regarding having lights out by nightfall so as not to disrupt the universe and the light that is emitted by the great moon. Okay, that is a crafty story that we have been told by a local passerby. However, we have been here for months and we have not seen lights at night, so that testament may be a truth.

In fact, there are countless people with crystals in this town, there is an abundance of yoga happening and the term zen is used frequently as well. So, whatever it is that is happening here in Sedona, we definitely feel the divinity and we are enjoying the vibe. Walking these trails on a hike is ethereal and every stroll in this area is a magical adventure through the ginormous glow of red mountains.

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