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Maasai Mara Camp

A couple of months prior to taking this trip we searched for low cost safaris and were surprised how many hits we received. The cost of our five day safari was $450 each. A safari can cost much more than we paid. Ultimately what you pay is based on luxury accommodations, more or less.


In this case, everyone will be taken to the same park to see the same animals, though some pay more than others. Those with riches should go for it, however, we were roughing it in a tent in order to save money for our next trip, which is our humble philosophy.

Camp was a simple setting of approximately thirty canvas tents. There was room for up to four people per tent. The safari camp staff provided breakfast, lunch and dinner. At dinner time all of the safari groups converged in the dining area which was located in one of the buildings in camp. The buildings in camp all had a roof without windows like the one in the photo below.


One evening we were returning home and there was a sheep tied to the tree below and it was yelping. I have never heard a sheep make that strange squeaking sound ever. Our driver told us that people in one group in our camp wanted to eat the sheep that night which is why he was tied to the tree. I wish that I had let him go 😂


The building in the rear of the picture is the dinning area


We neglected to get pictures of the canvas tent but did take a picture of the inside. There is mosquito netting covering the beds as mosquitos were in abundance inside the tents. At night the lights went out at eight o'clock so it was necessary to have everything done by then. Each night and every morning when changing clothes there was a battle to keep from getting bitten by the vicious mosquitoes that can potentially carry malaria. The mosquitos were attracted only to me...I guess I should feel special.


This was a desk for those Jacques Cousteau-on-safari type of people. Most of the time was spent at the reserve each day. Every morning, for three days, at six o'clock we rose, had breakfast of eggs, beans and coffee and then we hit the trail by van; rain or shine. The month of July, in Africa, is winter so the temperatures were pretty mild and comfortable each day. The Maasai Mara Reserve was only a fifteen minute drive from the campsite 

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