During our stay in Paris we took a bus ride to both Amsterdam and London for one week. The bus ride was pretty uneventful with the exception of border patrol removing a family who had apparently overstayed their visa and was attempting to sneak across the border by bus. Word to the wise...Paris is very particular about time frames on visa stays so no sneaky sneaky business can be done there.

In Amsterdam of course we had to visit a coffee shop to see how the marijuana laws work. We went inside where they openly sale it and grabbed a seat. What we learned is that you have to be clear about what you want before going to the counter as they do not offer much assistance in this area. 

The Hop on Hop Off buses and ferries in Amsterdam are the best deal for a quick overview of the city. We took two ferries and sightseeing buses all for 25 euro.  We also bought a four day tram pass to move around the city, however, we learned that it would have been better to use the bikes at the apartment that we rented since it is a very bikeable city.

The Red Light District seemed to be one street that many inebriated men tend to venture onto. After talking with a few of the locals, I gathered that the women who work in these establishments are simply attempting to make a living just like everyone else. So the people here do not judge those on the pole or those who wiggle to a silent tune while swinging in the windows in their birthday suits.


Nope, they are just the same as you and me. However, pictures are not allowed to be taken in the Red Light District so I have snapped a few of the other sights that I could show without repercussion.  

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