These are a few of the park pictures that we took during our time in Paris. When we go to a new city we google search for parks and pick a few to become acquainted with. The parks are nourishing to the soul and walking through the parks and sitting beneath a tree we experience a sensation of renewal. While at the parks we notice the grasses, plants, trees, birds, bugs, etc. In each park, in different areas, there are new insects and foliage that we have yet to experience.


Throughout this photoblog there will be posts highlighting the smaller things in life. Things that we busy people often miss altogether or simply take them for granted. To sit with a naturally growing flower or plant that is rooted in the earth, for more than a few minutes, is a form of meditation that makes us feel. These are some of the close ups that help us to remember the smaller things that are often overlooked including the routine though mundane task of riding on the train.

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