We caught the train from Rome to Naples and then to Venice traveling first class all for under $150 per person when we purchased tickets at least two weeks in advance. The key is an advanced purchase, otherwise, train travel can be as expensive as normal airline flights. The first is a photo of the train station at Venice.


We left the station and walked directly into the fray of things since the train station is facing the canal. There are walkable bridges that you must cross to get to the shops and further on into all other places. It was both amazing and surprising that you can walk right into a bustling Venice before you even realize you have made it.


While walking the area we noticed the beauty of the old buildings that is kind of reminiscent of a nostalgic long familiar western facade. The colors and textures on the buildings are all the same, street after street, in brown, tan, white, red, terracotta and brick so the buildings and streets look familiar when you are walking and it is easy to get lost going down one street or another.


The narrowness of the streets in Venice are the European norm and so there is a coziness like it is a place for lovers and if you are alone you may feel loved by Venice. Here you will find many familiar restaurants and foods with shop keepers that happily speak English. Walking, people watching, shopping and eating are all things that Venice offers its visitors.

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