Mombasa! It sounds like a strong and boss kind of place. The name is perfect to depict the strength and tenacity of the people who are striving in spite of the obstacles that befall them. Many are a tenacious people rising early to sell their goods to feed their families and pay their way. This is the typical plight for everyone in the world right? Well, the name 'Mombasa' seems to fit that scenario perfectly.

We took a bus ride from downtown Nairobi for $25 each. The bus arrived approximately eight hours later in the city of Mombasa. It was good to have taken the bus as it allowed us to see the countryside of Kenya. Seeing large mammals and baboons roaming around the expanse was thrilling. Once in Mombasa, we had to take a taxi and cross a waterway by ferry to our hotel. The hotel turned out to be a shared villa so we stayed one night and left the next morning heading to another hotel.

The hotel shown below is the SheShe which is currently owned/managed by a lovely couple who woke up at three in the morning to assist us when we departed for the train station. The hotel was a great place to spend our days on the island. The beach is almost secluded with only hotel guest making use of it. We also felt royal with breakfast brought to our room each morning. In addition, there are a couple of pictures of the city with two cooks by the beach and a quick view of a Mombasa city street. 

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