Maasai Tribe

These homes are approximately five years old and are being eaten by termites which are plentiful in this area. The Maasai will relocate to new lands after nine years and start over again. There is no running water or electricity in the homes so the women walk long distances to source the water supply.


In the photos below, the children of the Maasai ask for candy from the visitors but because there are no dentists in the bush, it is not good for them to have. The Maasai men chant as the Maasai women make jewelry to sell to support the tribe. The men with over stretched earlobes are identified as warriors. They tend to the flock and have never attended school.


When visitors arrive at the tribe they are expected to make a donation to support tribal activities and the tribal school. The donation amount is not set and can be given in dollars. During our brief visit to the Maasai tribal village it was like visiting a living museum and it was one of the most amazing parts of our journey.

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