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Maasai Mara Reserve 

When we pulled up the cheetah was hugging the tree attempting to locate markings and to get a sense of what other animals were around. It was unfazed by our safari van parked nearby. It was not concerned with us instead there was a more imminent threat lurking in the high grass that we could not see, but the cheetah could hear it. The dotted big cat stopped and stared in the direction of the unseen threat.


Suddenly the cheetah spots the lions and began a quick sprint away from the pride before it became a meal. The lion pride had come and taken over the tree that the cheetah was on moments before. They are looking away and beyond for the cheetah and searching the tree for the cheetah's scent. The lion leader climbed the tree sniffing for the cheetah's scent and also checking the grasses to locate where the cheetah had gone.


This was a tense moment because the cheetah was moments away from being caught by the lions. The lions were unable to locate the cheetah so they took a break in the low grass near the tree. The cheetah and lions are so beautiful and it was surreal to be in the presence of these animals to see them in action.

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