Cape Town

We visited Cape Town, South Africa as the final leg of our journey through Africa. It was a very different place from all others we had been to. In fact, many of the people that we spoke to from other African countries do not consider South Africa as a sister country.

There is currently a lot of turmoil brewing in the country since lands that were taken from the Africans years prior was in the process of being returned to rightful ownership. There was little indication of whether the recipient was capable of cultivating farmlands in a similar manner as the previous occupants, which means there may be a significant deficit of foods produced.

Table Mountain is the centerpiece of Cape Town and it is a prominent figure from every direction. It is also fascinating just how much Cape Town resembles Monterey and parts of San Francisco, California. It is a beautiful place and the pictures are of the Victoria and Alfred wharf where there is waterfront, mall, shops and eateries to pursue. There are photos of table mountain while we were on tour, and an accidental small explosion in our apartment building from a propane tank.

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