This is Sardinia, an island in Italy which is surrounded by the most beautiful waters. A train and ferry ride from Rome got us to the island in approximately nine hours time. Once there, we rented a car to venture to several of the many beaches, which took one to five hours drive each way. When we got to the beaches we found a piece of heaven. 


The waters are perfectly clear at every beach on the island and on a weekday the crowds only sparsely populated these areas. Not only are there beautiful beaches but as you can see below there are mountains as well. The mountain homes are balancing up high on the hillside like those on the Amalfi Coast. 


Although, just when we thought Sardinia was all beaches we went for a walk one night and ran into a nightly street party in an otherwise quiet neighborhood. There is a serenity in Sardinia which could be likened to the European Hawaiian island. The photos below are a few of the beaches we visited and a night of fun on the island.

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