When entering Kenya the airline made a stop in the city Mombasa specifically for the purpose of obtaining our visa. The airplane landed and the staff sent everyone inside the airport to fill out a visa application and then pay $50 for the privilege of entering Kenya on a three month single entry visa. We then flew on to Nairobi, Kenya on our adventure.

It was awesome to be in Africa and Nairobi was just more icing on our cake. While the images that I am showing are raw and possibly unflattering to some, they are shown to provide a realistic perspective of the area. Africa is in a growing economic status. Some of the roads, for example, are paved by funding from a few Chinese corporations in Kenya as an exchange of resources. 

Although it may be difficult to locate areas in Africa that are aesthetically comparable to western countries, it is also just as difficult to find areas in the west that are as rich in history and culture, and with citizens possessing a natural spiritual presence and congeniality, as in Africa. The continent is also the domain of the much loved African mammals that are freely roaming the vast demesne that thousands of people visit daily.


The photos below are of a market in Nairobi that we went to for fruit, along with a view of parts of the city while in route to the market. These photos are placed to provide context of the surrounding areas, although some of them are a bit grainy. I have also included a few photos from the Nairobi National Museum where we met with a loveable huggable snake. Enjoy!  

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