When we decided to take a trip to Europe we reasoned that our journey would not be complete without venturing into the continent of Africa. Neither of us had been to Africa nor did we know a soul there to speak about. However, we both felt a connection to this place and like so many other persons, who share our complexion in the United States, we felt drawn to Africa as it possesses pieces of our fragmented ancestry.

We arrived at our first African destination on the island of Zanzibar, which is in the country of Tanzania. Zanzibar is an island surrounded by the most beautiful beaches. It also attracts numerous people from European and Asian countries as it is a tourist destination for most, and others of these have taken residence in Zanzibar.

The inhabitants of Zanzibar are principally a spiritualized group and so the vibe on the island is calm and the people are especially pleasant. Also, after talking with several of the citizens on the island we learned that each of them was decidedly content with living on the island and not one of them would leave this peaceful paradise called Zanzibar. 

Below is the approach to Zanzibar overlooking the deep blue waters. The airport was small like a gas station, although it was very efficient. The visa was $100 each for Tanzania which was payable by credit card, and a yellow fever vaccination is a requirement.


Countless roofs are composed of metal that is reminiscent of the nearby rail cars that are stacked high in the sky. The streets are filled with minibuses heading to work, home and destinations unknown. Since Zanzibar is surrounded by ocean many of the buildings suffer from salt water deterioration. Zanzibar is a beautiful place with a wonderful group of inhabitants.

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