From Barcelona we traveled to Paris as part of our three month visa entry. We stayed in Paris for one month in an apartment which we rented for 1200 euro. The apartment was way up on the ninth floor and we had a really nice view of the city and could watch the lights of Paris at night and see the Eiffel Tower dazzle to musical interludes.


It was also a five minute walk to the metro station and local tram line so we had instant access to public transportation. Upon arrival we immediately purchased a monthly travel pass which allowed us to ride the metro, trams, buses and trains throughout Paris for 80 euro each. We also used the pass to catch a bus to the airport when it was time to depart the city.  

The pictures below are from various parts of Paris and they provide a candid view and feel of the city spaces with its people and intermingled settings. There are people from every country living in and visiting Paris. The entire city is navigable by public transportation and when walking the streets there is a feeling of festive community and belonging. There is a neatly kept museum like quality to it and the building structures appear so very strong with their pale colored and stoney facades.

There was a lot of military protection walking the streets with machine guns and on high alert since there have been terror attacks on the city. In fact, a domestic protest had just taken place implemented by some of the citizens. While we were there we witnessed a protest of union workers that burned to ash several foreign institutions such as a car dealership and Mcdonalds just hours before the photo below was taken.

Although terrorists would like to make its activities the highlight of an area, it was not. Paris is far more than the destructive antics of knuckleheads. It is a very big and beautiful city with a lot of space to roam beyond what the news headlines project out to the world. When we were there we did not sense fear emanating and people moved about with a joyful gait. Thanks goes to the uniformed soldiers for their dedicated round the clock service so everyone can afford relaxation.

Remarkably, it is always busy in Paris and there is always something to do there. In a city so large if you head away from the inner city life to the outskirts of the city you will find beautiful parks to walk and enjoy which I will show some of those scenes in the next post. 

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