While in London we managed to go to the Camden Market, the Natural History Museum and Regent Park. I had planned this trip around going somewhere near the Royal Wedding as we were in London on the day of, however, I started to feel a bit unwell so we stayed at our rental and I took a few pictures of the wedding on the tele.


The pictures of the wedding were so clear that I had fooled a few people into believing we were on location that day. You know who you are...LOL  Thanks for playing along with me though and I was so sorry I missed your big day Meghan!

As for the pictures below we enjoyed Camden Market which is a very lively place with lots of people moving about. The natural history museum has the most extensive collection of facts and artifacts that I have seen in one place. Regents Park is very beautiful and awe inspiring. I wish we had more time in London as there is so much to see and do here.

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