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About Us

We are Monai and Johnny and we have been on the road since 2016. Johnny made the decision to retire immediately after 30 years of working at UPS and I am so glad he did.


I am a medically retired legal analyst and because I have medical issues I thought it imperative to start enjoying life together while we have health and time to do fun things. 


When we got married in June 1995, I had always imagined our lives together on the road. So, I am happy to say that dreams do come true.

We are sharing this blog and our photos for inspiration and for those who are unable to physically make the journey themselves. We hope that you enjoy what you see and read, and that your imagination takes you somewhere beyond.

Please note that the photos on this blog were meant to be viewed on a computer screen or tablet where the imagery is larger and the scenes are more vivid and vibrant. 

The site is a work in progress and I am working to add more content offline and will make other clickable tabs available soon.

So, come on back and see new images, stories and video and recheck topics that you have previously visited as those areas may have new items posted.

Thank you for visiting and see you again soon!

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