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Going Places

We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list

Welcome to our travel blog! Road Sea Air Photoblog is a site to share our experiences and provide insight into our journey along the way. When you select the Destinations tab, click a city (Rome for example) then click on any of the colorful buttons and you will find photographs and short stories of places we have seen, and we hope that you feel inspired by them. Also, please leave us a comment as it helps our momentum moving forward. 

Above is a picture of Pacific Grove on the Monterey Coast. Our Airstream is parked directly adjacent to the beach. This view allows us to enjoy the sunshine, moonlight, surf and sand from all angles of the Airstream. What a beautiful scene it is!

Below you will find photos of the women of the Maasai Tribe in Kenya, Africa, who are assembling jewelry to sell to support tribal activities. When you click here on Destinations or Travel Photos you are most welcome to come inside and meet the men and women of the Maasai Tribe and check out some of the other locations. Enjoy!


The women of the Maasai Tribe are preparing items for sale to support the tribe. For more information and photographs of the Maasai Tribe click here.

Maasai Tribe


Women of the Maasai Tribe, Kenya, Africa

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